Smarter construction that won’t cost the earth

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Innovation and smart technologies
for net-zero construction.

We deliver intelligent design concepts and modern construction methods so you can deliver complex construction and infrastructure projects in a sustainable manner.

Our technologies draw on the latest innovation in house-building techniques and materials, leveraging additive manufacturing, robotics and artificial intelligence to streamline design processes that deliver ‘smarter’ construction with a focus on net-zero carbon construction.

Smarter built homes for a burgeoning population, our intelligent design concepts and construction methods will streamline construction and infrastructure projects making them faster and cheaper to build.

PreservECO – the modern method of construction that won’t cost the earth.

Building Services


All building services (water, electricity, digital connectivity, etc.) are designed into the building as part of the manufacturing process.

Energy Generation

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Energy generation networks and storage incorporated into the building design producing enough energy to sustain the dweller’s consumption without the need to draw down from the national grid.

Building Process

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Simplified building processes using the ‘click-and-build’ construction concept.

Supply Chains

Streamlined supply chains for more efficient construction processes.

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Making the difference for Housing!

Our technologies allow for houses to be built off site using autonomous and additive manufacturing processes.

A new way to build housing

Innovation leads the way

Different types of panels provide a number of permutations for design. These panels can then be assembled on site using vision systems, automation and robotics. Using materials that correspond to high thermal performance Passivhaus guidelines, the result is a zero-carbon / carbon positive house design.

The same technologies can be used for other infrastructure projects.

A Modern Approach

Innovative building methods streamlining processes and reducing environmental impact for the next generation of construction.

New Build Techniques

Artificial Intelligence, smart vision systems, machine learning and robotics for smarter, more sustainable construction.

A Better Approach

Leaner, more efficient, more sustainable building technologies for smarter construction and a zero-net carbon future.

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