Tunbridge Wells Hospital Student Accommodation

The project involves the construction of up to 6 storey modular buildings to house 145 medical students/doctors at the Trust’s Tunbridge Wells site.

The building is set into a fairly steep hillside on the site and extensive cutting into the hillside was required to accommodate the various tiers of the superstructure.

The foundations comprise reinforced strip and pad foundations. At the lower end of the site is a reinforced concrete plant-room on top of which are built several storeys of accommodation.

At ground floor level, the internal layout required a non regular structural grid, so a steel transfer structure was built at first floor level to provide a platform from which the modular structure could spring.

To further accommodate the change in levels of the existing site, a sheet piled retaining wall has been provided on the north west side of the building.


Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust


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