structural engineering

An Exceptional Service Built on Trust and Integrity

structural engineering

An Exceptional Service Built on Trust and Integrity

Structural Engineering

At CTP we bring your architectural visions to life through innovative structural design. With several teams of skilled and experienced professionals, we provide comprehensive solutions for all your structural design needs. We offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific requirements across all sectors.

Our expertise lies in combining creativity, functionality and sustainability to deliver structurally sound designs that exceed expectations. From the initial concept development to the final construction drawings, we work closely with our clients to understand their goals, preferences, and budgetary constraints. Our collaborative approach ensures that each project is executed with precision and attention to detail.

Structural Design Services

We offer innovative structural design services, realising architectural visions. Our experienced team provides tailored solutions across all sectors, prioritising creativity, functionality and sustainability whilst maintaining a lightness of touch. We collaborate closely with our clients, from concept development to final construction drawings, ensuring precision and attention to detail in every project.

3D Structural Analysis

When required, our skilled engineers employ advanced software and computational methods for comprehensive 3D Structural Analysis. This enables us to evaluate each structures’ behaviour and performance under diverse load conditions, providing accurate results for strength, stiffness and stability assessments of existing and new structures. Going beyond traditional 2D methods, we capture intricate interactions and model real-world scenarios, identifying any deficiencies and proposing suitable remedies.

BIM Modelling and Technical Drawings

Our experienced BIM specialists deliver high-quality BIM models that optimise the entire project lifecycle, from concept to construction and beyond. These models, developed using cutting-edge BIM software, provide intelligent and data-rich representations of structures, promoting collaboration, coordination and efficiency. Alongside BIM modelling, our comprehensive technical drawing services translate digital models into precise and industry-standard construction documentation.

Structural Surveys

Our experienced professionals conduct comprehensive structural surveys to identify; defects, potential issues related to our client’s proposals and vulnerabilities affecting the structures integrity. We prioritise clear communication, presenting survey reports in a user-friendly format for easy comprehension. Our reports offer detailed information and recommendations for repairs or maintenance, enabling Clients to make informed decisions.

Temporary Works

Our expert team specialises in designing temporary works solutions ranging from the simple, such as pile mats, to the complex, such as fascade retention systems, all of which are crucial for construction safety and efficiency. We collaborate closely with clients, employing advanced software and industry best practices to create precise engineering designs and calculations. These designs prioritise functionality, safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, aligning with construction methodologies and regulatory standards to ensure structural stability throughout the project.

Planning Stage Services

We specialise in providing essential support and guidance during the initial phases of construction projects, laying a strong foundation for success and cost effective solutions. Our experienced structural engineers work closely with architects, developers and stakeholders to analyse project requirements, assess feasibility and develop robust structural solutions. With expertise in structural engineering principles and a complete understanding of construction codes and regulations, we offer valuable insights and recommendations during the planning phase. Our services encompass structural feasibility studies, site investigation specifications and preliminary design assessments, enabling informed decision-making for your project.